Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Guilty Pleasures-2005

I haven't done a meme in a long time, and with the year almost over, I could have done the typical list. However, let's talk about something fun. you know, those things you did when no one else was looking. So, to start it all off...

Guiltiest Song: "Trapped In The Closet-Chapters 1-11". Okay, I have said on record that I can't stand R. Kelly. The man is a pervert. However, "Trapped" was a freak soap opera worthy of "Passions". Homosexuality, midgets, pies, police, torrid affairs...it doens't get any better than that. All you needed was somebody peeing someone and R. would have had the biggest song since "Heat Of The Moment" by Asia.

Guiltiest TV: I didn't watch much reality tv this year, save "The Appentice". It still gives me the chills to see Donald drop the f-(fired) bomb on someone. Watching Martha telling someone that it just isn't working out is kinda like hearing Marcia Brady saying, "Something suddenly came up". Second place goes to the theme for "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends". Cutest theme EVER.

Guiltiest Food: The Ginormous Breakfast Sandwich from Burger King. I know that's no tthe right name for it. However, you couldn't help it even though you knew it would kill you just for knowing it's colesterol count. I only had one and it's lasted me six months just by still sitting inside my intesins and damn, it's still good.

Guiliest Drink: Vault Energy Soda. Drink like a soda, tastes like an engery drink, whoops the Hell outta you like Ike on Tina.

Guiltiest Crush:

Catherine Keener. I've been watching "The 40 Year Old Virgin" (Guiltiest Movie as I haven't seen "Wedding Crashers") and got a hugh jones for her ever since. Yes, women in their fourties and up are as sexy as they were in their twenties. Only more experienced.

Guiltiest Man Crush: Jeremy Piven. We should all hug it out, bitch.

Now, who to pass this out to? Pandora, David, Swan Shadow, Randy and Kevin. Heck, everybidy on emy blogroll! Do IT! (Guiltiest Catchphraase said like a Soprano.)

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