Tuesday, December 06, 2005

He Said, She Said...

I thought you would like to know a bit more on what happened to me on Satuday night at Smackdown, so I decided to let you hear Heather's take on it. Besides she's a great writer and I'm hoping that she'll do her own blog other than on My Space. I hope she doesn't mind that I do this, but I'd like to expose her (watch it there, mates!) to more folks. So here come's Heather!

Last night was one of my milder moments.... lol! Got to see Sam.... that's my boy!!! We went to see WWE Smackdown last night, which was probably the most anticipated event to hit this town in years for every redneck and thier brother.... LOL! Sam had extra tickets, and asked why we wanted to go. My answer, of course, was the most creative, I'm sure. LOL! So, off I go.

Catch Sam at the front door, after trying to find parking. HA! Ever gotten stuck behind a country girl in the city? Well, I have. Last night, it was Boomhauer's wife. I swear, this numpty could not figure out whcich way to turn in the parking garage. To go "up". I was cursing like a sailor, screaming for her to move her ass. Which I might add was made heavy likely by either the donut in her hand or the cake shoved in her pie hole. Either way, she was too distracted. I finally whipped around her and took her spot, leaving her to her pastries. I was already late, and if I'd stayed behind the white Ford Explorer with Effingham County plates (wouldn't cha know it) another minute, I would have snapped and gone up to her car window.... and handed her some Hydroxycut. Yikes.

So, anyhoo, I get there, and there's Sam. Wearing yellow glasses, looking like Mr. UberCool DJ. LOL!

We head in, and spend the first five minutes turning around in circles trying to figure out where our seats are. Luckily, his buddy Perry saved us from having to wander aimlessly. So, I am introduced around to everyone, and we are seated, and just in time too. Let the Smackdown begin!

I must say that while I've never been one for men in tights, oil and hopped up on roids, last night was a great time. Until they brought out the amateurs. Cue for smoke break, and half hour wait in line for an overpriced soda. Amusing though - I kept watching this one white girl behind the concession counter who looked like she was strung out on meth, turning the same eggroll over and over again (you notice that Sam? lol!).

We get back out there just in time... highlight of the evening was a six man tag team match..... and all I have to say is: Brian, I love ya.... but, I wouldn't throw Batista out of the bed for eating crackers. Even if steroids shrank his shit. LOL! A word to the wise, if you are wrestling and juicing. Steroids shrink your dick. Don't wear small ass, clingy shorts. Everyone can see that you are hung like a hampster. How disappointing. But, he sure was pretty to look at! Up until they finally brought the man out, if I'd have had to see one more weak attempt at an armbar or incorrectly executed rear naked, I would have gone down to the ring and begun to open a can of whoop ass.... lol!

So, the show ends about ten. TIME FOR A DRINK!!! But not before I try to lock up one of his interns in a REAL rear naked, right there on the sidewalk. LOL! So, we head downtown, with me at the wheel, looking very pimp with three guys in the car. Whoooohooo! I gots game, ya'll. Just kidding.

So, we hit the new Savannah Down Under. Of course, Sam and I both know just about everyone in Savannah, so, we all order the first drink (Jager for me, of course) and spend the next twenty minutes making our obligatory rounds. Lest someone say we had the gull to ignore em.

Last night was a blast. The guys were perfect gentlemen.... well, until they saw me take a shot from between Amber's boobs, and they lost it for a brief moment, but quickly regained decorum. LOL!

Let me tell you all about Sam. Sam is awesome - and we chattered away like we'd known each other all of our lives, like best friends from gradeschool. Couldn't pry us apart last night. Sam is a fantastic guy, and I couldn't think of anyone who could be a better friend. Hell, he knows my whole life story, yet, he still listens to me bitch.... ya gotta luv him! Definately going to remain a close friend for many years to come. This guy would be the first one to bail you out of jail. Or, more likely, he'd be the guy sitting right next to you in the cell, going, "Shit! That was fun!"

So, I'm knocking em back, knowing I have to go to work in ... I look at my cell phone for the time.... four hours. LOL! So we head out, somewhere in the time between the bar and home, Perry ends up humping my car, Kevin is sitting there shaking his head, and Sam and I are laughing hysterically.

I guess you had to be there.

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