Saturday, December 10, 2005

"That's Just Richard."

Let me tell you what I know about Richard Pryor.

It's 1979 and we have Home Box Office, not HBO. We didn't have vcr's back then either. If you missed it, that was too damn bad. So, it's Friday night and everyone's outta the house except for me and sisters and there doing some stupid crap. Anyways, I find out that "Richard Pryor-Live in Concert" is coming up. Now, I had always heard my momma say he was wrong and dirty, but I had seen him on Lily Tomlin Specials before, plus he had his own show for a few weeks. I thought what could'nt hurt to watch the guy?

Here it is, years later after I taped the movie on a nintey minute cassette tape and learned everything to memory, taking with me the Tao of Rich and using it on the air. Everyone, from the bad stand up comic to the good ones, to every rapper you know, to movies and television was influenced by Rich. We didn't became Niggers. We became Niggas. We got the pride back in being Black. When Rich saw that get outta control, he said stop. No more niggas. Just like heathens, nobody ever listened and the Legacy of Pryor loomed on.

It's a double edged sword with Rich. He was one of the funniest men who ever lived, but will be condemmed by some for his humor and attitude. Look, you could only watch Geoge Gobel only once before you realied back then he wasn't funny. Richard Pryor was funny. None before, none afterwards.

"Sometimes they used to have that on the news that I was dead. That to me is the weirdest shit, to be assumed dead and you still be alive."

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