Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Newest Friend

Last night, I went to go see WWE Smackdown Live at the Savannah Civic Center. Lemmie tell ya, I had a great time as it's one of the few macho things I get to do thse days. I went along with a couple of the other DJ's from I-95, along with a old pal of mine, Perry Foster. I also had with me someone who I think is the coolest chick...EVER.

Now, her name is Heather. She's a divorcee with a one year old son. That's cool, but here's the clincher...

She's a former Marine who knows Brazilian Martial Arts. Remember that movie "Only The Strong Survive" about teens being taught capoira by an ex Marine? Well, she knows that stuff. Well. I know, because I had her choke out one of our station interns.

She's actually one of the coolest persons I've met in a long time. Once we got together, it was instant friendship. We had mad banter like you wouldn't believe, like we knew each other from kindergaten thru high school. We talked about everything from bad spouses to Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (who was there at Smackdown, by the way. A little older, but still has the moves). That's what friends do.

I've met alot of folks in my lifetime. There's some I can call friends, others are good friends. I have a feeling Heather is going to shoot up to best friend status with a bullet.

Now, if I can get her to work on her own blog...

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