Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bringing' In The New Year

I wanted to get caught up with 2006, so I took a few days off online. When I come back, what do I see everywhere but folks talking about Dick Clark.

My turn.

I didn't get to see Clark's appearance on "New Year's Rockin' Eve" until they replayed it on the entertainment News shows tonight. As someone who's has had a stroke ( for those wondering...Yes, it happened to me. In 2001, one week after September 11th, I was downed with a stroke. However, it was not as damaging as his or others, although I do have nerve damage on my left side due to it.), I commend him for returning to the public eye. A lot of bloggers have commented that it was kinda sad to see the man mumbling his words. I think we should be lucky to have the man back. A stroke has a way of not only destroying you physically, but mentally as well, making you feel less of a person afterwards as if your life is over. I had to go through many sessions with a physicaratrist and still from time to time deal with bouts of depression because of it, sadly. But, I learned to keep going no matter what. To see Dick Clark once again proved to me that no matter what, you can't keep good man down.

Now, if we could have had Regis on ABC and kept Seacrest on Fox, the show would have been a classic.

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