Tuesday, January 24, 2006

CW and Friends

This has been an interesting 24 hours for TV. First, the news that "Friends" could be returning to NBC after being off the air for nearly two years with four one hour specials, plus rebooting "Joey" once again to have Chandler and Ross move in during the 2007 season. Did I watch before. Yes...once. That was it. I never saw the excitement of it all. The show wasn't that funny to me as I couldn't identify with any of the characters. Not because I'm black and they had an all white cast, far from it. No, they just seems like a bunch of stuck up jackholes with problems. The fact that only one of them tried to hold a show on his own showed me that NBC was desperate to make up for their cashcow. With this new development, this means that we're now stuck with Friends who just won't go away.

However, better news has come from UPN and the WB, as both will merge into one network, The CW. I love how Ain't It Cool has already started jokes in the byline: "Crazy Weird!! Could Work!!" It may just at that. Coming next fall season, the formers will shut down and combine their most popular shows for six night. "Everyone Hates Chris", "America's Top Model", "Veronica Mars" and "Smackdown" from CBS's UPN and "Smallville" (yes!), "Reba", "Gilmore Girls" and Kid's WB which does amazing in the ratings on Saturday mornings from Time Warner's WB, plus new programming as well. For us here in Savannah, our local UPN will benefit with higher ratings and more revenue, which is what both networks were lacking. I know I'll be Constantly Watching them.

Update Access Hollywood reports that the "Freinds" reunion was false. Thank you, Jebus. We're safe. At last, Access Hollywood has given me a reason to like Billy Bush.

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