Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Jam For Your Weekend

As it is a Saturday and we get closer and closer to National Gorilla Suit Day and the Super Bowl, I say we sit back and relax and enjoy the weekend, with a sweet little ditty that was written by a little orphan boy named Paco, who lived by the rivers of Venezuala. Everyday as he caught his fish to sell at the market, he would hum this song and everyday he would catch his fish. Then one day, a man came along and heard the song and offered Paco thousands of dollars for the tune as it was the greatest song that he had ever head. Paco looked at the man and said he could not except the money but he would let him use the tune. He only hoped that it would bring the listener of the song great joy and hope. The man came back to America and from there came the song. It made millions and millions of dollars and folks around the world danced with joy.

Boy, was Paco pissed when he found out how much money he could have had from that! Think about it, the vidios, the honies! Bet he hates those fish now, don't he? Oh well...


Pass this along to your friends. I promise it won't get stuck in your head after it's done.

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