Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mr. Luva-Luva

Last night, I did something unbelieveable. I hosted the slow jams show "Between The Sheets" on WEAS from 10 pm til 2am. Some of you will probably say that it's just a radio gig and I should do fine, right? Well, let me tell you...


Now, to do this type of program, you have to sound like you just woke up after trying to sleep for days. It helps if you get your morning voice going as it sounds gritty. Then, take that voice and talk as softly and seductive as you can. Extend certain words and phrases like "baby","nice and slow" and "love" and you too can be as sexy as I was last night. Now, this was only a one night deal, as the regular host Vic Thomas took the day off, but it was great to do something thing new for a change. I hope to get lucky one more time and do it again. Hey, how's a guy gonna meet chicks anyway?

Update...It turns out I will be doing again. I just got the call from the Program Director and I'm on tonight. Tune in for the love.

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