Friday, January 06, 2006

A Natural Man

Today, Savannah has a brand new radio station: Magic 103.9, playing classic soul and today's R&B, as the tagphrase goes. It's a part of Cumulus Broadcasting, of which I'm a part of and I'm glad to have it along with the other stations we have in our group. Whether I'll be on the air with then or not is up in the air, as I haven't been told of the furture plans, but I will hopefully know soon. However, the clue I knew that the station was off to a great start when it came on at five this afternoon was the very first song was "You'll Never Find", by Lou Rawls. Classy.

It's sad to hear of his passing, after going thru brain cancer, but at lkeast we'll have his legacy of music. Did you know that he was Sam Cooke's progege' and sung with him on "Bring It On Home To Me"? He started out singing gospel, but made his way though soul, pop, R&B, jazz, you name it, his baritone could wrap around it and give it some lovin'. Plus, his humanitarin work with the United Negro College Fund has raised millions for those unable to afford a higher education. Sadly, his final appearence in his annual "Parade Of Stars" airs this weekend and will hopefully pay a fitting tribute to one of the finest singers ever.

Here's a link to Soul Club, that has some of his hits, including one of my favorites, "Love Is A Hurting Thing".

He will be missed.

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