Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Quick Hits

American Idol returns to bug the hell out of us for the next four months. I'll watch only for the auditions, as it's the only thing worthwhile on the show, in my opinion. I'm glad Kelly Clarkson was able to make a real carreer out of it and Fantasia Barrino will hopefully take a page out of her book and distance herself from the show, but everyone else there doesn't interest me. Plus, it has Seacrest. And, the stink of Clay. Plus, "Scrubs" comes on at nine.

Oh, Golden Globes. I wish I could quit you. Wait, I did and watched "WWE Raw" instead. I love comedian Thea Vidal as Shelton Bennjamin's mom. See, it's almost fake.

Speaking of "Brokeback Moutain", which I haven't seen, the gay cowboy in the new millenium was done before. It was a remake of the comic book western "The Rawhide Kid". It was fun and no hearts were broken in the end.

I haven't commented on Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars this year, so I shall give you my feelings in his own words: WHAAAAAAAA!? I just hope that Stephen Colbert is there backstage to ambush Clooney.

One of our "stars after stars after stars" has been nomintated for "Best Overall Blog". Congratulations to Janet of "The Art Of Getting By". I know for a fact that this dog and pony show will never get an award for anything, but it's nice to know that my supporters do win. Good luck, Janet. Make sure to vote for her!

A couple of personal notes...You may have noticed the Friendster button to the right of your screen. Do me a favor and sign up so I don't look so lonely there.

After nearly three years of going to the same dialysis clinic, I've made the switch to a newer, cleaner one and I'm happy for it. Too many folks I knew at the old place were dying, everyone there was waaaaay above my age, I had to fight for a good, comfortable chair and I was having a hard time with it all. So I decided to start off the new year in a new place where I could feel safe and happy. Plus, this will now put me on a second transplant list, which gives me a better option
of getting a new kidney. Do me a favor...If you believe in God, pray it all works out for me. If you don't, just say,"Hey Sam, I got your back, pal". Either way would be good for me.

And I'm spent.....

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