Friday, January 06, 2006

The Trials Of "Daniel"

I think I may have beaten Brent or anyone else to this one as I'm still home on a Friday night. Such a loser.

Our local NBC affiliate, WSAV ran the controversial limited series "The Book Of Daniel". I thought that the show was good. Not great, but good. Adian Quinn, who portrays Daniel, is a pill popping preist with a gay son, a daughter who deals pot, a mother with alzhimers, a father who's a bishop who's having an affair with a woman who is also a bishop, a sister in law who's haing an affair with her late husband's secretary after he stole three million from the church and could be working with the mob in order to build a school.

Oh, and he talks to Jesus. As in "Hey Look! There's Jesus! Get a picture!" Yeah, it's that kinda show.

Like I said, it's a pretty good dramedy. Nothing spectactular, but the cast does a good job in their roles, including the actor that plays The Son Of God as just a man, not holier than thou, which is a good thing. I know the show won't last over eight episodes, however, it will be interersting to see how some of the subplots will play out. Still, this is a show on Friday night at10pm, so I'll expect to see a "Laaw and Order" rerun in that slot soon.

As for the controversy, here in Savannah over 600 letters were written to WSAV asking them not to run the program before it even aired, yet it ran anyway. I, for one am glad it ran and applaude them for showing it. A letter from the general manager was read duing the news explaining his reasons (you can read it here), but I think the funny, ironic part was the fact that "The Book of Daniel" ran before a paid special by the Christian Broadcasting Network. Well, I just there's just a lot of viewers out there tonight who need some Jesus in their lives and they got it this evening.

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