Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Goth Girl Day!

Well, it's dark out, so that means G.G.B.D. has begun. I started out by watching The Munsters on DVD, alhtough I wish I had the first Addams Family movie instead. But, you gotta make due when you can.

So, my fellow blogger and good friend Pandora has her entry in for G.G.B.D. and what I thought would be a simple post turned to be something more delightfully fitting for this event. You just have to see it. Now.

As for me, I knew I to do this day justice. So, taking a cue from Panzy, I created a brand new blog just for this day. Just how the hell I channelled a sixteen year old white teen is beyond me, but it flowed out like crazy. I just hope you like it. Click here, if you dare a chance...

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