Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hero At Large

I'll forgo the Super Day After Saturday stuff for later to let you check out a interesting corespondence I took place in a few days ago. I don't know how many of you have ever though of puttinga towel around your neck as a kid, then growing up and really doing it, but a couple of guys have, sans the towel. Perhaps you heard about a real superhero named Doktor Discord running around in Indianapolis. I didn't think there would be super villians running around Indiana, but you gotta go where the cr Now most of you may think I'm joking , but he and his teamate, Mr. Silent were just featured on NPR. Really. Some of you may think of this as a joke, as I had my doubts, but they seem very ernest in what they do. So, I had to let the good Doktor know how I felt about it. So, since he has a spot on My Space, I decided to drop him a note....

Okay, I'm just gonna be a fanboy about this whole thing.

It's actually cool as hell that you became a superhero (Avenger? Vigilante? Crime fighter? What would you prefer?) I mean, do you really parol the streets? Have you really stopped a serious, heinous crime in progress? Is this just some overblown fantasy that just came over you one day, ala Bruce Wayne? I mean, my God. I wish I could just put on a mask myself and protect the streets. But, it's not like the comics out there, where it's so obvious. It's the real word, sadly. The unexpected happens. In the real world, superheroes don't come back from the dead.

I'll support your efforts, Doktor. I wish you olny the best and hope that you do make a difference out there. But, it would hurt me to know that one night, you didn't make it back from your last patrol. Knowing that a hero lost his life. But, while you're out there, kick some ass for those that kinda belive in capes and cowls, okay? Give 'em hell. After they get it, give 'em more.

Sam Johnson

I got a surpize in my email a few days later....

well sam,to answer your questions

yes,we really go out and patrol...(not as often as we'd like to due to work and whatnot)

we haven't stopped any "serious" crime like a bank robbery or say,giant killer bubblebee robots..but we've helped a handful of people.

mr. silent and i have had the idea to do this for at least 2-3 years but we just never really treated it as seriously as we do now...all of our old allies who were going to join up years ago have moved away..there was captain jamaica and train man,and the Plunisher (pleather punisher) is still around,but he's become a total drunk.

thank you for supporting what we do. it makes me feel hopefull about our potential world. godspeed citizen.

Dok Discord

It seems that he and his allies are just regular guys that want to keep the peace in their town. They just do it in masks,is all. I hope all goes well with them in the fight to keep justice in Indianapolis. As for me doing it here in Savannah, I'll wait until we get us the flying car they've been promising us since the fifties. Otherwise, I'll just keep my eyes open and watch out for the other guy. You do the same.

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