Thursday, February 09, 2006

How To Do Goth Girl Blog Day

I just got this question from Dave Hewitt on G.G.B.D, celebrated on Feburary 25th, from which I will answer them...

What do we watch? Rocky Horror Picture Show? Addams Family? Is it OK to watch the Olympics? (Yes, Dave. You can watch those. However, the curling event is prohibited.)

What do we listen to? Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack? Back in Black? Mozart's Requiem? Phantom of the Opera? (If you have any Siouxie and the Banshees or some Fiona Apple, that works pretty well. What's up with the Picture Show, by the way? Forget that. Do not dress like Dr. it only causes embaressment. Really, it does. No joke.)

(I don't want to talk about it. Next...)

What do we wear? Black? A costume? Safety Pins? Do I have to put on black nail polish? (Yes, no, carefully and if you can, one with a good gloss.)

What do we eat? Death by Chocolate? Black beans? Black licorice? Liver? Frankenberry? (Yes you can eat those things, but not all together, especially the liver. I mean, really. Who eats liver anymore since we moved out from our parent's home? Foie' gras, however, is allowed. Also, Frankenberry is for wussies. Count Chocula is prefered.)

What do we drink? Chocolate Milk? Hot chocolate? 20 cups of coffee? Blood? (Okay, okay. Now, that's a bit much, the blood. I would do the coffee, as goth girls drink Starbucks alot and yet bitch and moan about how crappy corporations are. It's a goth thing, I guess.)

I need to know in order to celebrate correctly.
(Well, now you now. And knowing makes you gothy.)

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