Friday, February 03, 2006

In General

I took a day away from the site just to get my head together after the ratings on Wedmesday. I went out with a few freinds that night, then on Thursday night I had a live broadcast from a bar for the big weekend. I'll have photos up later this evening for that. But, it's really mind boggling how that all worked out. I said to myself that I wanted to make some changes in my life for 2006 and so far, it's worked out. My health is great thanks to the new clinic, the ratings are fantastic, and...Well, there's alot of other stuff going on that I really can't talk about right now. But for the first time in awhile, I'm happy. No worries and everything. Just thinking about it now makes me feel like I'm a winner. Could this be the end now of the RSJSnafter two and a half years, now that he has nothing to bitch about and life is swell?

NAAAAH. I'm having way too much fun here. I may have had my problems...But I feel much better now.

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