Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Music

I've had alot of folks ask me since I'm in radio what do I listen to, musicwise. Honestly, I tell then that I don't listen to the music I play. It's true. When I'm off the air, I'm done with music. I go home and either watch television or listen to old time radio on Yesterday USA and read s book.That's it. I mean, if you worked in a Burger King all the time and your friends wanted to go out for a meal and the first place they hit is a Micky D's, you would punch them in the throat for that. It's the same way I feel about music now.

I do listen to songs, but the stuff I like doesn't get much, if any play on the radio these days. But, it's good stuff if you can ever find it online or in a good old record store that acually sells music. So, here's a list of some of my favorite songs, in no particular order...

Beats To The Rhyme-Run DMC: Rap music at it's hardest. Punks these days don't know a damn thing about rap now. They just spit words ot fo their mouth and hope they get a sneaker deal out of it. I just wanna slapp the hell outta some of these guys now...

Sour Times-Portishead: You can listen to it when you make out, you can listen to it when you want to relax with a cup of tea, you can just plain listen to it. Good every time.

Ain't That A Kick In the Head-Dean Martin: I could list a few Dino songs here, but this is the one for me that puts me a good mood.

I Saw The Light-Todd Rungren: I got into an arguement with someone online a month ago when he made a list of his favorite songs and listed the new Madonna pap as one of his faves after a list that included some power pop. I told him I liked his list but would have dropped Magde for Todd, since "Light" is one of the best love songs ever made I think. I can't listen to Madonna these days. Hell, I never really listened to Madonna in those days, either.

Black Pearl-Sonny Charles and The Checkmates, LTD.:They were a little known group when Phil Spector made the guys one of the last groups of the sixties to use the Wall Of Sound. When it was said and done, the group scored a top ten R&B hit and was never heard from again. Plus, it reminds me of growing up in 1969. Such a classic tune.

I Believe When I Fall In Love- Stevie Wonder: I discovered this song while watching, of all films, "High Fidelity", while it ran over the credits. I kinda have the same sensibilty as some of the characters in the movie when it comes to music, it comes to no surprize that I should add this one. It's soaring song about the promise of love done by one of the best artists around. hI mean, here's a guy who learned to play a bunch of instuments BLIND. Get a kid these days to pick a kazoo and he'll ask if he can sample it instead. Punks.

I got more. A lot more. But I have to go back to work and play crap like "Laffy Taffy". Please, don't ask.

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