Friday, February 24, 2006

Power (Goth) Girls Rule!

Okay, so it's just a few hours before G.G.B.D kicks in, and I haven't thought about what to write yet. Since I'm not a Goth, nor a girl, it ain't gonna be easy. But, I figured that they're pretty tough chicks, I guess. Not to be sexist, of course. So, I thought I would post this little thing...

I was this on You Tube, which has become a haven for junk video, clips from bad tv and fan films like this one since signing on in December(Entertainment Weekly has just done a piece on it and has now ruined it or everybody using it. Watch.) Anyhow, it's the story of Power Girl, cousin of Superman, who's been told that she should get a second career since she's a bit tough on the criminals. I thought it would be perfect for tomorrow's festivities.

As for who is Power Girl and why would anyone make a short film about her, here's her Wikipedia entry. I told you guys to read "Infinite Crisis", didn't I?

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