Sunday, February 05, 2006

Re: The Girfriend

Okay...Since I made the announcement about the girlfriend, it seems like all of a sudden, everyone wants to know how I, the idol of Millions (Irving Millions, my chiropractor...old joke there. Heh.) wound up getting so lucky. Well, once again, SHE IS REAL. Her name is Karen. However, I don't know it I should tell how we met. It isn't freaky or anything, but truthfully, I'm kinda nervous to talk about it. Sure, I can brag about the raitngs and all, but love? It areally humbles a guy sometimes. I will say that we have talked for for six months as freinds, but it was only two weeks ago that I found out that she was in love with me when she told me out of the blue. I never expected it and it hit me like an Ali right. I wound up in a freakin' daze because of it for awhile, but I realized that I really did love her too afterwards.

See, most of you who read this rabble have heard me time and again complaining about why can't I find a good woman and where the hell are they? When finally I meet one and life is great. But...Di you ever see that Road Runner cartoon when R.R. went through a bunch of pipes that Wile E. Coyte pulled out and Wile E. got smaller and the Runner got bigger and then finally they stopped and Wile E. grabbed the Runner by the leg? That coyote looked straight up and saw the biggest bird he ever saw. He looked straight at the camera and help up a sign that said on one side, "Now that I finally got him", then turned it around and it read, "Now what will I do?" It's kinda like that with me, other than the long explanation. But, that's just me, as you know.

Here's the rub. Karen is from Australia. She met me online. It wasn't a fix up. No one took pity on me. She just popped up six months ago and shes now in my life. All the way from Australia. And I don't care. Because I'm in love, even it's a fifteen and a half hour delay. So, I'm finally going public with it. I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE.

God, I'm such a dork.

Oh...and she's hot.

Love you, kid. I did this just about you.

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