Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wasn't That A Party!

Wow, this was a good National Gorilla Suit Day. I had fun wearing the suit and all. Meeting new folks and telling everyone, "Happy National Gorilla Suit Day!" It was really fun in at the grocery store while I was picking up bananas. Let me tell you, I never saw a grocery store manager so happy to sell out of fruit. Of course I still had problems with other folks out there who tell me to take off the suit. I told them to take off their clothes, and a major shouting match started. Here was a man in a gorilla suit arguing with a 45 year old man who was still wearing his uniform from work, which happened to be Dairy Queen. Now, which guy looked stupid and which was in the right? Of, course, I was. I then slapped him with my banana and told him to split. Get it?

Oh well, the day is over now. I'm in my comfy clothes as I write this. Thanks to everyone that's stopped by today. Thanks especially to Mark for the use of his banners and letting us in on all the fun. And to Don Martin, the greatest Mad Man of all time for one of the funniest stories ever drawn and helping to make me the subversive dolt that I am today.

One great holiday is now over. Another is coming. On Febuary 25th, get ready...


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