Sunday, March 12, 2006

Coming Attractions

I've had to do a few things, so postings have been light. But what else is new around here? Plus, I don't want to post stuff that everyone else has on their site. I'm sorry...I thought that the Live action Simpsons thing was great the fisrt time I saw it, but soon everyone and thier mom had it up on their site right afterwards. If I can't get it on here the day it comes out, then I'm not gonna worry about it. And, if you've seen it already on X's page and see it again here, it kinda makes the whole thing redundant in the long run. We here at Sam-a-rama, L.L.C. do our best to mkae sure you get fresh content. It may take a while, but it's always of the finest quality, A-1 and pure.

With that being said, coming up this week to the site we have my good friend Philip Schweier from the Comic Book Bin with a piece on how we met one of comic books greatest men and did not geek out. Also coming up, we'll talk about Devo, "manorexia", and of course, St. Patrick's Day here in Savannah. Plus all the ususal stuff that winds up here. No phone calls please, as the show is pre-recorded. But do leave your comments to the chef. Thanks!

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