Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The (Forced) Wearing O' The Green

Time for my annual griping of St. Patrick's Day.


Stay out of my way.

I'm kinda lucky this year. I'll be on the air that day while the parade is going on that morning, so I'll be far away from all the craziness, thank goodness. I should be very happy that we have such a celebration here in our little town, but now that I'm getting older, I've become jaded at the whole thing. Add to the fact that Katrina hit New Orleans and there was a small presence this year for Mardi Gras because of the hurricane, it could be a huge party this year. After all, Savannah's St. Pat's is the second biggest in the country, next to New York. Hotles are booked to capacity as far as I know. I really feel for my pal Ivan , who works for one of the local inn chains in town. It's not located in downtown Savannah where the parade is held, but I know he's got loads of folks settled in for the weekend and possibly has to deal with more craziness than aany other time this year.

As for my plans, I'll do the radio thing all weekend and go check out "V For Vendetta" for a lark. Oh, and wear my Green Lantern t-shirt. Maybe get a shepard's pie and watch the parade repeats on tv. That's about as much Irish I'll get for this holiday. I ain't fightin' that crowd this year.

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