Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Isaac, Luthor and Me

Now that it's now Springtime, I can finally enjoy my favorite sunshine pastime. Going bald.

Let me tell you there is nothing better than having a shaved head, especially this time of year. The breeze just goes over your head like a Corvette in a wind tunnel and let me tell you, that is a good feeling. Just a tip though for those who really want that Bruce Willis look. If you are gonna do it, make sure that you use a good razor (Gillette's Mach Three Turbo is my blade of choice. I haven't gotten to their Fusion blades yet, as I'm not certain I'm ready for five blades) aand a good shave gel. I like a good menthol gel as the cooling effect gives you the tingles and is almost as good as a slow back rub from Eva Longoria, or better, as I've never been rubbed by Ms. Longoria, dammit. Trust me on this, however. After that wind hits your head after a menthol skull shave, you will never look at life the same. I promise you this.I don't recomend most to do this, especially the women, unless they are really brave. Also, folks who have mishapen heads. There are some of you, and you know who you are that have heads of eggs. That's right. I have seen men who have bald heads who look like they have just stepped out of the Kroger dairy and produce section. I know that you may be proud of your dome, but let's face it. You look like Vincent Price on "Batman". Me, I'm proud of my perfectly symetrical head. Dang proud. If I were a super villan, I would be Skeletor. No...I would be a Luthor.
Love me, love my slick, smooth, bald head.

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