Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's Hard Out Here For Oscar

It's all said and done now. Awards have been handed out and the show is over. A litter shorter than normal and that's a good thing. The Acadamy Awards was pretty laid back this year. No Bush bashing, no politics, just give the awards and say your thank yous, even with Jon Stewart hosting this year, which was kinda nice. Although, I was listening to Matt Drugde (who I can't stand and who looks like a Brokeback Walter Winchell, in my opinion) say to Ann Coulter in his radio show that Hollywood is playing it safe this year with all of its controversial movies nominated for Best Picture. Maybe it was, but it was a good show nonetheless.

I do have to give it up to Stewart. He looked like just there to do the show and go back to New York. He didin't looked bored, but he was there to move the show along, as he did with the Grammys before. Nothing special, but very important at the same time. He had some great one liners (“Bjork couldn’t be here tonight, she was trying on her Oscar dress and was shot by Dick Cheney.” ), but nothing to displease anyone. Here's hoping he gets to come back and host again soon.

As for the winners...It's hard to believe "Brokeback Mountain" got their back broken by "Crash" for Best Picture. With all the hype of the film and Ang Lee winning for best director, you would havbe thought that it would have walked away with the big one. However, Paul Haggis walked away with the win, so congrats to him and his crew. I still haven't seen any of the movies nominated, but perhaps now I will.

One more thing about Three 6 Mafia. Now, for those not in the now, they're from Atlanta which is growing more and more for its brand of rap music, which is called "crunk". Now, after watching the choreography during their perfomance, Gil Cates probably killed ATL hip hop for everybody now, as it sucked. Plus, since I just found out that I'll be on the air for E-93 tomorrow afternoon, somebody will be calling me wanting to hear "Hard Out Here For a Pimp", just to get the moves down they saw on the show, ruining rap for everyone. I just know it.

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