Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Love Gravy VS. The Thetans

Who's tha man that won't be back for "South Park" this season?

Isaac Hayes.

I've watched the show since it started and when I found out that Hayes was the voice of Chef, I was hooked even more. I even bought the Chef Aid cd, which I know put alot of money in his pocket, even with all the controversy. So, to to find out that he's leaving due to the fact that the show makes fun of religion tells me one thing.

That man is a hypocrite.

I grew up listening to his stuff when I was a kid and still do. I remember my older sisters having his fold out cover for the "Black Moses" album on the wall in our living room. Issac was all decked out in gold chains and a robe for that cover in the seventies. So, when I saw him on the cartoon surrounded with all these jokes about Christianity, Juedeism and other relgions, I thought that at least the man can take a joke. But talk about Scientology, which is Hayes' belief, and the man get's upset. Even though the show was done months back, he up and quits now. It kinda makes it look like Comedy Central doesn't like Black people with Chappell leaving, but not this time. I mean, the man called himself "Black Moses". You'd think he could take a religious joke once in a while.

What makes it so bad for Isaac is the act that he raked in all this money from the show and now wants to condemn it. I don't want to put down any form of religion, but it feels like a powerful member of the church could have said, "You know those boys are making fun of us. It's time you left the show". Of course, Matt Stone, co-creator countered back as soon as Hayes publicly announced his departure saying,"In 10 years and over 150 episodes of 'South Park,' Isaac never had a problem with the show making fun of Christians, Muslims, Mormons and Jews. He got a sudden case of religious sensitivity when it was his religion featured on the show."

Anyway, here's the episode that made Hayes take the money and run. It doesn't convey the opinoin of myself or anyone else who posts here, so decide for yourself afterwardsd what you think of Scientology. As for "South Park", next week they return for their tenth season. I have a feeling that you'll hear about how Chef no longer feeds the kids at the school anymore and has moved on to other pastures.

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