Monday, March 13, 2006

Q:Are We Not Cute? A:We Are Devo!

Living in the eighties, I was just coming into my own when it came to the music that I liked. Rap was just starting to make noise, metal was just growing it's hair out and pop was boring in 1981. Then, there was Devo. I found out about them on an episode of Solid Gold and thought these guys were the coolest. I wound up later buying "New Tradtionalists!", "Freedom Of Choice"and others. It wound up becoming my personal soundtrack for high school. It was punk for geeks and nerds and I dug it.

The band is now making a comeback, but not the way you'd think. Disney Records now has Devo 2.0, a prefab group with kids doing the songs, with the approval of the orginal members. The scary thing is they don't sound too bad, even though they look cute and clean cut. It ironic that the subversion the lyrics talked about years ago would now be voiced by the youth of today. Which means to me that the Revolution will now be heard on Nickleodeon and spread like wildfire. I can't wait to see The Lil' Sex Pistols one day.

Me, I'll take the grown up version any day. Here's one of my favorite Devo 1.o tunes, "Beautiful World". It kinda sums of my feelings for the new kids. "It's a beautiful world for you...not me."

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