Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Rumors Of His Death...

One of the duties that I have to do as a disc jockey is to report important breaking news as it happens. This morning, I'm getting news that Savannah mayor Otis Johnson died. However, he hasn't. It seems he was out of town for a conference and suffered a mild heart attack overnight. So, news gets back to Savannah early in the morning before the local media can give an actual report. However, one of the local ministers in a highly prominent church here in town told his followers that the mayor had passed on. Well, all morning long before I even get on the air here at the station, I've been fielding calls from folks wanting to know if the mayor is dead or not. I'll update the flock on the air around noon, but I know that no one pays any attention due to the ADD, so for the rest of the time that I'm here, I know that I'll have to correct everyone all day on this. All this tells me is one thing that most folks already knew: never trust a preacher when it comes to the truth these days.

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