Sunday, April 02, 2006


Looks like I gotta play the middleman on this one here.

Ivan Shreve posted a coment on Brent McKee's site that the classic sitcom Bewitched was a much better show than the other sixties magical comedy, I Dream Of Jeanie and vice versa. Now, I gotta say, Elizabeth Mongomery and her crew was pretty good, especially duing the Dick York period. But Barbra Eden, Larry Hagman and the rest were just hilarious. What scares me about the whole thing between Ivan and Brent is that they both sat there and came up with, in excruciating details, reasons why the shows were good. I've done this myself, I'll admit. It's what I call a slap fight. Arms just flailing around in the air like crazy not solving anything. So, I'm gonna fix that now. 'Cause that's the type pf guy I am. The Ol' Logsplitter. Which of the shows did you like better?
Post your answers and the reasons why in the comments section and we'll tally it up Tuesday here. As for Ivan and Brent. I hate to seee my friends fight like this. It's stuff like this that triggered the Bailey Quarters/Jennifer Marlow War of '79. Casualites all over the place and it still isn't over. I wish we could pull the troops from that one.

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