Friday, May 05, 2006

Hey Kids! Free Comics!

I'm home after staying over 24 hours at the hospital and the surgery is done, thank goodness. And, I'm home just in time to remind you all about Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. It's happening in virtually every comic book store around the world and if the store near you isn't participating, then they suck as a store. It's agreat opportunity to find out what's going on the world of comics, but I have to be honest about this. Most of the books on this year's list look terrible. Although there'll be loads of publishers involved this year, stick with these books if you want to play it safe for you and your kids...
Archie Comics 65th Anniversary Bash-
Archie Comic Publications
Free Comic Book Day Bongo Comics Free- For -All!-
Bongo Comics Group
Justice League Unlimited # 1-
DC Comics
GI Joe Sigma 6 #1-
Devil's Due Publishing
Disney Comics Presents: Donald Duck-
Gemstone Publishing/Disney Comics
The Transformers/Beast Wars Special-
IDW Publishing
Marvel Comics
If you want to take the risk on the others and you have kids, be carefull as some of the other books aren't suitable for younger kids. Also, TwoMorrows publishing, which puts out various magazines about comics, will send you one in tha mail free, but you must go to their website and order on Saturday only. So, stop by your nearest store and celebrate the fun.

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