Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Can't Get Enough Of That Sugar Bear

It looks as though the coast is clear now. The world hasn't blown up up or anything after 6/6/06, so I think we can have some fun now.
So, does anyone remember the box that this bear is holding? For anyone under the age of 30, that is a box of Post Super Sugar Crisps, and the bear is Sugar Bear, who could take Tony the Tiger out with one punch, in my opinon. To me, he was one of the coolest spokesanimals on tv. His laid back attitude sold the cereal for me and millions of others with his adventures. The cereal wasn't that bad either, as early ads touted, "For breakfast, it's dandy! And for lunch, you can eat it like candy!" However, parents started getting upset that kids were being filled with sugar laced foods for the first meal of the day and turned their kids into Tazmainian Devils for the rest of the day and so, the word "Sugar" was taked out of the cereal and Sugar Bear stopped being in commercials around the mid-nineties, only to be shown emasculated on the box. Here's my thing: it is what it is. No matter how you say it, it's always gonna be "Super SUGAR Crisps" to me.

After reading Mark Evanier's post (pun intended) on Sugar Bear's fellow cereal mates from General Foods, I decided (and I hope, really hope that Mark doesn't mind) to sort of do a companion piece. S.B. was featured on the animated series Linus the Lionhearted in 1964, along with other Post mascots. S.B. was voiced (and maybe still somewhere) by Gerry Matthews, who gave the super strong bear the laid back voice of Dean Martin, which is another plus for me. S.B. wasn't chasing after the ceral in the show, as that was for the commercials. However, we was always helping his friend Granny Goodwitch, played by Ruth Buzzi, who was also featured in the ads and his girlfriend, Leslie. Now that's actually cool. I thought her name would have been Honey Bear or something.

I've never really seen an episode of "Linus" and hope that they come to DVD one day, but today I finally see what the show was about. Here's Dino, errr, Sugar Bear in an episode called "Head Over Heels" that shows you just how badass he really was without ever having to touch Sugar Crisps. Or as they call it today, Golden Crisps. Uggggh.

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