Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Daddy Day!

First up, it was a toss up between posting Andy and Opie or James and J.J. Evans today, but I couldn't find any of the latter online. Oh well, we'll still "good times" today. get it? I thought not...
The WiFi is still down at my place, so I'm still having to take care of the site here at work, which is fine. I just hate the fact that I gotta get to the job to check my mail and all. To which, I have to thank those who sent greetings and all on my birthday, which was sorely needed after surgery. Just to let you know, as I was givne Versid and the gas was being pumped into the mask, I started singing "Happy Birthday To Me" and I swear I heard the nurses singing along a sI was going out like a light. I think I picked up the second verse as I was coming out of it, but I can't really remember. I won't bore you with the details as most of you know exactly how I felt about having surgery on your birthday. You got it...Somebody with a medical degree is getting their ass kicked for that just as soon as I heal up.

As for the podcast, thanks to those who downloaded a copy. I plan on doing a new show every two weeks, so expect one next week sometime. Some of you...Okay, The Retropolitan thought that I should talk more or my voice was an octave deeper. Well, Retro (Can I call Retro? Maybe Poli?), if I had a proper sidekick (see "Mr. Radio" for more d-tails, True Believers!) then I could se myself yakking it up more. But, I come from radio, where we have an acronym we use constantly called K.I.S.S.:
I purposly don't listen to other podcasts for the simple fact that almost all of them have never been in radio. Not to say thay they are frustated folks who wanted to get into radio or anything, but they have an idea of what they think they would sound like if they had a real terrestial radio show. I have mine. It's okay for me to read a letter or do a bit or an intro to a tune, but that's it. I'd rather do mostly music on my show, because I really have nothing important to say otherwise. As for thinking my voice shoulod have been a bit deeper, it was up unitl a few years ago until the FCC came along and made those changes. I haven't seen my nads since Janet flashed the Super Bowl. I miss them so...

There is a lot of stuff I'll talk about on the next show however, I will promise you that. I got some more Crap Mail that I can't wait to read to you or if yo have any suggestions before I head into the studio next Sunday, drop me an email here. I so wish I was doing it now. Finding out that Spider-Man has outed himself has me upset right now. And, it wasn't in a Brokeback Superhero way, either. Oh well, have a great Baby Daddy Day and I hope you all got power tools.

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