Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"As God is my witness, I thougt turkeys could fly."

If you have nothing to do for the next twenty two minutes, I suggest you watch one of the funniest sitcoms that ever hit the airwaves, WKRP in Cincinatti. Funny for the fact that it was produced by MTM Productions, who gave you so many great shows of the seventies. Funny for the fact that it had a great ensamble cast who had wonderful chemistry. Funny that it had some great writers and directors on the show. What is not funny is that we the public have to deal with years of waiting for a DVD collection due to artists rights of songs played in the show.It still remains the one reason I ever got into the radio business, even though every character on the show is everyone I have ever worked with since 1983. So, enjoy this episode now dealing with the station awaiting the arrival of punk band Scum of The Earth before You Tube takes this one down and screws more fun out of their site.

By the way, it has always been Bailey Quarters for me. If anyone knows where I can meet a woman like that, please let me know. Quick. They don't stay single long.

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