Monday, July 17, 2006


Ummmm, first things first. I have internet service again at home, which means I can now post regularly again. We'll see how that goes before something screws up. I do like the magazine format, so look for that to continue on Sundays. Also, If you haven't downloaded the Radio Show yet, don't. As it seems, it's gotten to the download limit so what you have if you did get it is the LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION. However, I will be doing more as I've just gotten my new editing system together on the computer and hopefully, I'll have a new show here this week with the proper way of getting it, via a podcast site such as Yahoo Podcast and ITunes. Check back with me on that later this week and I'll let you know how it turns out.

NOW...Ain't It Cool has the very first review of the greatest movie of the year, "SNAKES ON A PLANE". I haven't seen the new "Pirates" movie yet, nor alot of the new releases. But by gum, I will see this movie. And knowing me, doing my best not to crap my pants due to my fear of snakes. But I will see this movie just to hear Sam Jackson say the greatest line in film history since "Bagdes? We don't need so stinkin' badges!"
Just a reminder....This is not me. I've lost a few pounds asa you may well know.

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