Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hot D-o Double-Gizzle

I could sit here and post something about Mel Gibson and his problems. But you know what? I won't. Today, I'd like to talk about hot dogs. That's right: Frankfurters. Wieners. Red hots.

On Monday, I went out with a friend at work to check out "Miami Vice" (good movie, more grim and more naked then the TV show), but we decided to get a bite to eat before the flick. We stepped into a place called The Dawg House when I had seen lots of times but had never gone inside. It's a theme restaurant, set around the University of Georgia and it's mascot, the bulldog. Being a bit of a fan, I had no problem with it and hoped that the food was good. Looking over their menu, I noticed that it was pretty simple. Burgers, pizza, chicken tenders, that kind of stuff. But, I noticed that they had a huge hot dog menu. Me being the guy that I am, decided to order what they call "The Bulldog Coney", which is a simple chili dog. Well, for the first time in forty years, I got the shock of my life. Hot dogs aren't supposed ot be this good.

Whenever I get a dog, it's usually boiled and the flavor is gone from it. If I get lucky and it's grilled, there still is no flavor. Either way, it's still blecch with no real flavor. However, the dogs I had at The Dawg House had a real taste of meat thathad been smoked over woods. The skin had a snap once you took a bite. I had never tasteed a hot dog like this ever and was in love from fist chomp to last. I will never buy another hot dog from anyone else ever again, whether it be from a grocery store or a stand on the corner.

I found out that the dogs were made by Koegel Meats out of Flint, Michigan and shpped here to the restaurant. It makes me sad to know that when I lived in Detroit in the early eighties I never knew about these guys. But it's nice to know that I now have new joy in life. Now, if I can only get folks to learn to eat their hot dogs with just mustard and not drown it in catsup. By the way, how do you do yours?

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