Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sams On A Blog

With the new Sam site, it had me wondering about the various Sams that are out there. The first thing I think of is the fact that some folks I know have dogs named Sam. To me, it's kind of an insult. To hear somebody say "go fetch it, Sam" is like a kick in the gut. I'll bet you'd hate it if somebody gave their pet your name. So today, I'm taking taking that name back. You folks will have to name your canines something else at this point. Perhaps you should try "Tralfaz". That's a good name for a pooch.

Now as far as I know, I have two other Sams here on my blogroll, the aformentioned Sam's Site and Sam's Stories. I need to mention that the latter is a woman and I have nothing against that. Still, it shows that Sams can either be male or female, either Samuel or Samantha. It's the name that says it all.

So how about famous Sams, you say? I've just picked a few from the bunch, most of them the usual suspects, of course. You already know Samuel L. Jackson, but how about these guys? Okay, let's start first with Sam Elliott. If ever a Remington painting of a cowboy came to life, it would be this guy. Laid back and old west cool describes him perfectly. Only Elliott could top Jackson as The King of Cool for "Lonesome Dove", "The Big Lewbowski" AND "Roadhouse" alone. But Sam Jackson was a Jedi, so that trumps it.

Okay, next is Samantha Stephens. This Sam is so bad ass, she got sick of looking at her first husband, got a new guy and made everybody think he was the first one.

Now Sam is a common name, but having to share my last name as well seriously blows. I know that there were Sam Johnson before me and there'll more after me. I even did a Google search and found photos of a bunch of them (I'm not even in the fiirst ten pages, gawt dangit), but the fact that this one above, a State Repesenative from Texas shown here with fellow Texan Tom DeLay just tells me one thing. ALL you Sam Johnsons out there can bite me. Every last one of you pretenders. Except for the British one.

I know that there are other Sams out there, millions of 'em. I just don't feel like looking for them all. So this Sam is off to do what Sams do best. Relax with a Sam Adams they bought from the Sam's Club, of course.

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