Friday, August 18, 2006

Snakes on a Plane-ish

Okay, here's what had happened.

I was supposed to go Thursday night to the SoaP premiere, however after a long day of dialysis, combined with other stupid crap, I wound up missing out on the fun. So if you've seen it how about a mini review and share your feelings on the film. I truly do think I may have missed out on the event of the year and everything afterwards will be leftovers. If I don't go see it this weekend, I may as well not see it at all. I think it be like a helium balloon with just a wift of air left inside. I felt the same thing for "Blair Witch" when I saw it on DVD after having missed it in the theaters, so the saem could happen this time around as well. I may as well have good memories of it now.

By the way, the photo above comes from the biggest supporter of SoaP, Snakes on a Blog, which became so popular, the guy in charge of the blog got an invite to the Hollywood premiere. So, enjoy the frenzy now people. I have a feeling by next Friday, we could be in loe with another film.

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