Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Wedding Singer

On Saturday I was invited, no, TOLD that I was be at my friends Annie and Chris' wedding and that I WILL wear a tux and that I WILL host the reception by the bride. I know Anniw way too well and if I didn't, I would face pure hell. So, who am I to argue with? I cowered and showed up, moneky suit and all. Now for the record, let me say that looked pretty slick when I man up and that it was the first time I'd been a tux ever (my 1983 junior prom doesn't count since the tux was a dark shade of scarlet with ruffles and I didn't have a date) and I wanted everything to go perfect for the new couple. The downside of it was the heat since it outside and I was sweating my butt off. It also doen't help that being black and wearing black draws alot of heat. It's true. Ask a black guy next time you see him and tell him when you ask you heard it from another black guy.

Anyways, things were going well. We had an actual band there instead of a DJ, which I honestly didn't want to. Plus the group, a blues trio called The Hitmen wasn't a wedding band. These guys played blistering hard blues that made your grandmother get up and dance. When I announced them on, I mentioned to the crowd that if they were ready to do the typical Chicken Dance or The Electric Slide, then they better find another wedding party. The guitar solos from the band's leader Brett proved my point during "Hey, Joe". Those guys rawked. UNTIL...

At one point, it was time for the bride and groom's first dance and the song chosen was The Beatles tune "In My Life". Brett had forgotten however that were supposed to do the song when asked to do the wedding months back and never learned the tune, so had to learn it quickly so it could be performed, words and all. Fortunetly, his bassist and my good friend Andy Pena and I sat down and worked on trying to remember the lyrics and musical notes for him. However, we wound up getting stumped on the tune, so I called my other good friend CJ to search online for words, which she got for us in the nick of time.

So now it comes down to Brett getting the notes right to play and learn the lyrics, but he didn't want to sing the song since he didn't know it well enough. So guess who wound up singing? Yep, right Sam, wrong last name. "Black Snake Moan" doesn't come out for a while, so my "Bad Ass" title trumps him on this one. FOR NOW. And, I did it in a tux.

I gotta say, it felt really good to sing in public again with a band. I honestly haven't done it in a couple of years and have been yearing to sing without a net again. Kareoke doesn't count. With a band, there's a much looser feeling. You can read the words on the screen at home and be as crappy as you want. If you're gonna stand in front of a crowd and vocalize surrounded by musicians, you better have the balls, if not the chops to back it up. Somebody remind "American Idol" and "Rock Star: Supernova" that.

I've kinda kept the fact that I CAN sing a secret from the readers here since I've started my blog. I'm a low tenor/mid baritone as I found out in high school. I've sung pick up in lots of open mic nights but I've never fronted my own band due to just not searching any out. Besides, I'm so ecclectic with my music, it makes me wonder would anyone want to play along while I jump from Brothers Johnson to Love to Johnny Cash to Ben Lee (which I love "Catch My Disease". I know it's over a year old, but I'm finally enjoying it. You can hear it here on my My Space Page.) Anyway when it was all said and done, everyone applauded and told me I sounded great without a "bless his heart" or anything and that felt cooling with all the heat. Andy surprised me when he said that I really missed my calling. You know, maybe I have. I'm gonna do something to remedy that.

This Tuesday, I'm gonna go sing at Open Mic night at Savannah Blues. I have no freakin' clue what to sing, but I'm gonna find something. Nothing soft...Just plain slick and nasty. I know The Hitmen are playing that night, so that'll be fun. So, if you're in town that night, stop by. I'll be the guy doing "Cult Of Personality" by Living Color.

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