Monday, August 07, 2006



If you noticed in the previous post, there sits a picture of Motel 6 Hilton. Now we've had the whole "Bailey vs. Ginger, Wonder Woman vs. Catwoman" thing, but her vs. anyone from "Oz"? I'l take my chances in jail. I'll bet those guys get their shots. But I digress...

Get a load of the comment I got about it...

ok... for starters.... i understand perfectly the paris hilton is far from being the brightest crayon in the box. but, did you ever think to stop and look at half the people on earth? i mean how many people use their power, brawn, brain, or even their body to get ahead in the world? so even if you continue bashing people for who they are doesnt mean they are going to change by what you say. and infact those whom are ragged on more, are usually the toughest people. so... you should have at least enough respect and dignity to think of how what YOU say can effect others; stop spending all your time trying to hurt others to make yourselves feel better, and try using your time to better yourself and worry less about others.and not that i dont mean to offend anyone in any way. Jessy Lynn Homepage 08.07.06 - 10:51 pm #

Jessy, Jessy, Jessy...

I was gonna take it easy on you since I went to your My Space page and found out you were sixteen years old. Then I saw your photos. I wisah I was your dad so I could ground you until doomsday. I would take away every electronic apperatus you use and dare you to EVER TOUCH A COMPUTER AGAIN. You'd use a land line telephone and watch every tv channel that wasn't cable. Every stitch of clothing you'd wear comes from Wal-mart in the clearence section and the only friend you'd have would be imaginary. You, little lady, would be grounded forever. Because if you look up to something like Paris Hilton, then I'll be dammed if I'm gonna let my child grow up to be a idiotic, celebrity for nothing whore.

So let's get one thing clear here: PARIS HILTON IS A SKANKY, SKEEVY BAG OF ANTLERS WHO IS A DUMB AS A SOCK FILLED WITH LEMON JELLO. She only lives her life for the limelight. She started out famous by hiring a press agent to tell everyone where she goes to get drunk. If this is how you want to grow up and attempt to live your life as, then so do it. If you have the cash to get good p.r. , HILTON CASH, then go for it. I could give a damn. You ain't my kid. But I hope to God your parents know all about it and that they're enough to set you straight, kid.

To paraphrase Sean Connery in "The Untouchables", "They bring a skank, you bring penicilin. That's the Sam-a-rama way and that's how you do things."

(Drops mike and exits stage right)

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