Sunday, September 03, 2006

Survival Of The Fittest

The funniest thing I read all week came from Entertainment Weekly's What to Watch columm when reading its description for the return of Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam: "Laugh with the black folks now, y'all. Because once the Survivor race war is over, ain't no tellin'." First thing, I knew that was a black woman who wrote that because she knew what could happen and how it could get nasty. The second thing is why is everyone freaking out?

Face it, Mark Burnett knew what he was doing, calling this a "social experiment". Ratings have been soft for the show after being on for so long, he held back just long enough to pull this rabbit out of his hat. And of course, everyone fell for the trick. Black leaders in New York City are calling for a protest for the show and one advertiser, General Motors has dropped out of the show, although they say it was for strategic purposes only. Still the controversy has given the show a much needed "must see" boost, the kind it hasn't seen since it's heyday. Each show, intil the four races (white, black, asian, and hispanic) merge, have loads of water cooler talk to keep folks busy for days, which will be wonderful for CBS and the producers. They have us where they want us and that's all that matters to them. So, do I think this will put race relations back thirty, forty years? Nope, it's just a dumb ol' show to me. I'll check it out live everyone to see what the hype is, but only for so long. "Earl" and "The Office" are on the same time.

One more thing...How come I ain't seein' white folks protesting their treatment in all this? Or the asians and hispanics? Where were all the blacks when UPN was running "Homeboyz In Outer Space"? We gotta get our priorities together here, people.

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