Friday, September 01, 2006

Too Tired to Think Of A Title

It was quite a week at Casa de Sammy. Threat of Hurricane Ernesto, then Tropical Storm Ernesto, then Working on a pack of Pop Rocks to get the energy back Ernesto loomed around Savannah, but the most trouble we got a good rain, which we needed. I also have a major bug problem that needs to end soon, but that's neither here nor there now. It's just been a week and I got a few things to dish out.

If you'll remember a few days ago, we talked about being a Sam. Well, here's another bad thing. I got an email Thursday that went like this...

Hey Sam, whats up? Just wanted to let you know I will be in Corvallis starting on Thursday this week and will be there until Sunday. We play OSU on Friday night at 8 then Cal St on Sunday at 2. Was wondering if you wanted to go out or something. Let me know.


Wow, that was nice of him to ask me and all, but I had to answer him back truthfully...

Hey Jon,

That's great and all, But I don't live anywhere near Corvalis. Also, I think you have the wrong Sam. But thanks for the offer of the date, as I'm a pretty cheap GUY.

Take Care,
Sam Johnson

I could have gone out with him since he's the Assistant Athletic Trainer for Women's Soccer and Baseball. Hey, I would gotten to meet some nice ladies. Sure, he would have been a tool and all...

In other news, the MTV VMA's were last night. First thing's first, the award doesn't mean as much as it did when it began twenty years ago. The clips aren't even special anymore, but you are reading the writing of a forty year old man. When I watched MTV regularly, you had clips like "Sledgehammer" winning Video of the Year. Now, it's just a band on a stage. If I wanted that, I'd pay money to go to a concert to see 'em and after what I saw last night, I really don't think I wanna go. Can somebody please explain to me Emo and Screamo? I know I'm in radio, but I think after last night, I'm done with MTV and its shows. Now get off my lawn, Panic! At The Disco!

Okay, just one more thing before we go...
It's the annual Jerry Lewis weekend, ending on Monday at 6pm e.s.t. (time varies across the country, so consult your local listings), so whatever you do, don't drink and drive and watch out for the kids.

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