Sunday, November 05, 2006

By The Power Of Hip Hop!

Alright, I'm on a roll today with three in a row and the third one's the charm, I think. I found this on Apropos of Something, which I'm glad to see is still moving along, depsite the fact that I thought the guy quit blogging last year. Despite that, he's got some great stuff there, uncluding a link to an MP3 of an unreleased tune from Ludacris where he raps over the theme from "He-Man and The Masters of the Universe".
I'm not gonna lie: If you love hip hop or you never really listened to Ludacris other than watching "Crash", then this song's for you. Luda is one of rap's best lyricists and can boast with the best of them with very funny rhymes. Don't believe me? Then just click on the tune and BOUNCE, Y'ALL...

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