Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chicken 'N Beer For Thanksgiving

Okay, we're back. I hope your Thanksgiving Day was worthwhile and you gave thanks for what you have in life. Now, for those of you who wondered if I had a great Turkey Day and thanks for asking, yes I did. Sorta. See, the day started out with me going to dialysis that morning. That's right: bloodletting waits for noone. I promptly went in around 7:30 that morn and got "jacked into the matrix" for a few hours. By the time I was done, I was too tired for anything else as usual, so I went home to take a nap. Now, I had bought some turkey breasts and had planned on cooking them that day, but there was no way that I was gonna stand in front of that stove that day. So I did the next best thing and prayed that my brother Anthony didn't go out of town as he and his family are wont to do every year at this time. Which he didn't. So, I talked to his wife and she told me to take a nap and come over for grub. Which I did.

After the nap and the meal later, both of which were great, I drove off to work to go produce CNN Headline News for the news/talk station. I've been doing that now for about a two months and have been quiet about it, since it's just the satellite feed and I'm just making sure that the local commercials are inserted at the right time. The thing is, I'm only doing it for one hour a day and of all the days to be there, Thanksgiving Day was the wrong day to be there. Oh, things went fine and all, but really. I was too worn out to be there to deal with it. FOR ONE HOUR. Someone will suffer for that. Oh yes, they will suffer...

Finally, I made a promise to pal/co-worker Damien that I would stop by his place for what could become an annual event. The First Annual Chicken 'N Beer Party Extravaganza. Let me explain: I've worked with a lot of folks with a good sense of humor, but nothing that could go toe to toe with mine, which as you know is pretty messed up. Damien can match me word for word, twist to twist. If I had to do a morning zoo radio show, he would get equal billing. So, when he came up with the idea of having chicken and beer for Thanksgiving the night before, I said make a party out of it and that he did. He and I sent out more bulletins on My Space on that than Tom would on spammers that week. Thank God only a few folks showed up, otherwise we'd have run out of drumsticks before we knew it. By the way, I have to thank Bojangles Fried Chicken as the official sponsor of the event, as it was the only chicken place, if not the only fast food place in America open on Thanksgiving.

In all, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I was thankfull for my health, my family, my job and my friends and Bojangles, almost in that order. I hope that yours was just as pleasent.

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