Thursday, November 16, 2006

First Impressions

So, did you catch Dancing WithThe Stars last night? Neither did I. I did however catch The Late Show With David Letterman's third night of Impressionists Week and I really wasn't impressed. The act on Wedensday was a guy from Vegas named Gordy Brown, who must have had his first national appearance that night. His act felt very lounge act-ish, with him turning around to change into character. In fact, when turning into Jack Nicholson, Brown did the same facial look that Fred Travelena gave the night before on the show. Dark shades, raised eyebrows and all. I felt as though I saw the same bit the previous night and then saw that act on Merv, circa 1980.

Along with Ventriloquist Week, which The late Show had done with great success months before, it's nice to see Dave bringing back of the standbys of variety shows of tv past. Seeing Rich Little again was a treat, seeing he still has the wit and humor. His Reagan was wonderful and seeing him do Carson once again brought back so many memories, if not for Dave's own. Teusday with Travellina and Wednesday with Brown were okay, but not satisfactory for me. Tonight however should be better with Frank Calliendo from Mad TV performing and Kevin Pollock on Friday to round out the week. It would have been great to see Darryl Hammond from S.N.L. there, but maybe he had a busy schedule and all. But, it's good to see a good comedy style in great form. I'm hoping to see a Jugger's Week on the show at some point, but then this is why to me, Letterman will always beat Leno.

I'll bet I started a brushfire with that statement...

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