Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get Back, Lorretta

Time Magazine has come out with it's list of the All Time 100 Greatest Albums That Don't Include Pink Floyd (it doesn't). The list goes by decades and the most dominant act on it is The Beatles with five albums, which is great for them. Purists however wil be upset when their latest collection called LOVE is released. I've heard a few cuts from the cd, which is the soundtrack to a new Cirque' Du Soleil production and is a mashup of various Fab Four tunes, post Revolver. I thought the tunes were fasinating after one listen, while a friend thought it was too frivoulous. If you're a Beatles fan, it is worth a listen. I kinda liked it myself, but I've always been a huge fan, so this take on classic tunes is worthwhile since the four will never record together again.

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