Friday, November 03, 2006

Our Space

Alright, I gotta beef for a moment. As most of you know, I have a My Space page that I keep up on a regular basis, with special posts that appear there instead of here, and are of a more "PG-13" style than what's written here. I also know that a few of the folks in my blogroll also have pages as well there as well. So I just found out that my oldest friend in the blogosphere, Pandora now has her own page for a while and NOW she tells us. I've been looking for more folk who come here to join me there and vice versa so I won't feel so alone there, ever though I have one hundred and thirty-one friends there. Which is a drop in bucket to dope like Dane "OOOH, I'm funny" Cook. Glad to have you aboard, Pandora.

Oh, and if you haven't gone there yet, check us both out and please make us your friends.

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