Friday, November 17, 2006


The one thing that amazes me is how so many folks could sit there for days on end for a stupid little box that will probably be out of date the moment you take it out of the box when the next, better system get released. Today is the day that Playstation 3 hits U.S. shores and was gone the moment the clock struck midnight on Thursday. There were robberies and shootings over s plastic box that will have bugs and defects and will have to be updated within days when players find out that programmers forgot something. Just wait and see. It happened when PS2 was released five years ago and it will happen again with this. That's why I don't have one. Not a PS3, nor ps2, nor 1. Nor any of the others, not since Super Nintendo and I'm proud.

I gave up on game systems as I got older. There were just way to many buttons on the dang things for me to deal with. Hold down the A, then press the X, while you flick the right trigger. All that for moving a giant monkey around. I know Monkeys Is Funny tm, but that is just too much for my fragile little mind. So, I stopped giving into them. This from a man who had all the classic game systems:Nintendo, Sega, Colecovision, every Atari, even the rare ones like Oddessy II with the voice box and Turbografix 16. I used to be The Man. Now, I just don't care. I'll play checkers now on the front porch and yell at the punks to get off my lawn.

Last night, as a favor for my friend and co-worker Damien, I took a trip to the local Best Buy to get reactions from folks who camped out in front of the store who wanted the game for his radio show. First of all, the line was filled with guys whoes average age was twenty-one. If they ever kissed a girl, it got boring once they played Madden '07. Second, most of those guys were speculators. Those are the ones who post bid on Ebay with their new games hoping to sell them for ten times the price they bought for. In fact, one of them was a kid/loser who worked under me at the radio station and said he wold sell his to us and we could give it away on the air. I looked at the guy and told him to go have sex with his PS3. You know I didn't say it that way, but this is a PG website, people.

Once I got to size the line, I called the radio station to give my report and went on the air. I then yelled out," Who's here for a Playstation 3?" The boys yelled and whooped up more nose than you could stand. Right after that I yelled, "Who here still lives with their parents?" The boys made even louder noise. Soon, they caught themselves in truthiness and stopped. I had to get the heck out of there afterwards. I was cold and tired and didn't want to be bothered by these guys.

Now, I know I shouldn't pick on these guys. After all, I'm a comic book geek. There are grown men who'll pay thousands of dollars for a 32 page pamplet of the first appearnace of Spider-Man if they had the case. Namely me. But to wait out days in possibly bad weather for days for something that may have defects or get shot for to quiet a yelling kid on Christmas for? Forget it. Bring on the checker board.

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