Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I'm gonna say this and I want all the readers, especially those in Montana to understand. I don't want snow around me. Like, here in the South. Like In Savannah. Like, IN FRICKIN' NOVEMBER.

It actually snowed yesterday here. It wasn't much. Only 1" to 2" inches and it didn't stick. The High here was only 45 degrees, but the wind was coming in around 10 to 15 mph thanks to a front that brought rain which turned into sleet, which turned into snow. That kinda stuff isn't supposed to happen here in Savannah. IN NOVEMBER. FOlks here don't knw how to drive anyway when it's raining. A snow fall will freak their freak. You ever see a turkey in the rain? They actually drown from holding their heads to the sky because they don't know to get out of the bad weather. It's kinda like that here. In case your wondering by the way, the weather shuold return to a nice balmy low to mid seventies by Saturday. You don't send snow down to Savannah in Novemeber. You'll never get to see it, much less throw a snowball at anyone.

Speaking of turkeys, have yourselves a great Thanksgiving day. I'll be back on Sunday with a full tummy by then, so typing on tryptophan sould be interesting. Go get your fill and I'll see you then.

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