Monday, November 20, 2006

A Stupid, Stupid Thing

I hate that I don't have internet service at home, otherwise I would have jumped on this sooner than later. For Michael Richards to do something as stupid has he did Friday night at the Laugh Factory is unacceptable, not only in my book but many others. First, as a stand up comic, you never ever get frustrated when a heckler comes along. You talk about their mother and move on to the next joke. Richards, who after many years has seeminly decided to try out stand up after only acting funny, couldn't take someone telling him his jokes stunk and went off with racial slurs. Let's just say it, which I will since I'm Black: He said the "n" word. Like, three times. If you're seeing Richard Pryor, you could understand that. If you're seeing Chris Rock, you could understand that. If you're seeing Kramer from Seinfeld saying the "n" word, you wouuld never and will never understand that.

Tonight, Richards is set to apologize on The Late Show with David Letterman for his outburst. Here's what gets me: First, it happened in L.A. at the Laugh Factory, where he should apologize. He was given entrance in the club the night after and did not say sorry then and now has been banned from the club for life for his actions, which he deserves. Second, he's going on Letterman with Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry should not have to cover for him one bit. Richards did a stupid, stupid thing, in my opinon. It just hurts me as he was a part of one the greatest, if not the greatest sitcom ever made and now, I'm not even sure if I'll ever be able to watch the show properly ever again.

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