Sunday, November 12, 2006

Things I may have missed this week

It would be wrong of me not to mention the passings this week of newsanchor Ed Bradley of CBS who passed away from lukemia at the age 0f 65, Gerald Levert, son of the legendary Eddie Levert of the Ojays and a smooth crooner in his own right at the age of 40 and Actor Jack Palance at the age of 87 after yelling at some punk kids who kept running on his lawn, telling them that the day wasn't over yet. Good men all...

Also, where would I be if I didn't mention Kirstie Ally in a bikini? You all may not believe this, but I saw actually rooting for her to lose that weight. I had a thing for that woman for years and she finally decides to show off some skin. So even in her mid fifties, she's still got something. So, yes: I would hit that. There. It's done. I said it. Let's just move on....

Finally, in case you missed it when they snuck it to tv Wednesday night, here's the trailer for Spider-Man 3 that will tell everyother movie in 2007 that they are pwned!
(I have always wanted to type out "pwned" after seeing it on Fark. Now that I have, I really don't see the fun in it.)

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