Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Let's you and him fight..."

What I'm about to show you is one of the greatest arguments of my childhood. Who would win in a fight: Batman and Robin versus The Green Hornet and Kato?

When I first saw this episode of Batman in the mid-seventies, I had only heard rumors of a "Green Hornet" series with Bruce Lee, but I never had proof until then. Then finally I saw the two part legend with the end of the second chapter dealing with The Big Fight. From that point on, I went from pretending with the neighborhood kids of playing The Dark Knight to becoming The Emerald Crusader (I made that one up since the Hornet doesn't really have the subtitle he fully deserves). From the looks of this scene from the way I see it, Batman would have sadly beaten the Hornet, but only by cheating thanks to Bats pulling something out of his utility belt to stop G.H.. However, Robin would have had his cape handed to him by Kato with a roundhouse kick and a one inch punch. This is only one geek's opinion, of course. What say you?

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