Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Change Would Do You Good

As you may know from frequent reading here, I've worked in terrestial radio now since I was sixteen years old and I've had a wonderful time over the years. But lately I've felt like the business has changed in the twenty plus years I've been broadcasting. Frankly, this is more of a kid's game now, plus with dialysis, I'm more tired than ususal and you need energy to do a four hour show. Hell, you need engery for a one hour show and I don't have that these days. So, I've made a major desicion that changes everything. I, your hubmle writer, am going back to school.

That's right: I'm gonna be a student again after nearly twenty years.

As long as I've done radio, I've made everyone else happy, but it was a struggle to get where I was. In the longest radio gig I had, I grew from weekends to overnights to primetime nights, from Public Service Director to Production Director to Assistant Program Director to finally Program Director, the top of the heap. That was a seven year struggle and I've programmed oother stations since then. I've programmed not just R&B as most would think, but Oldies, Amercian Standards, Top 40 and more. If you were wondering if any of the episodes of WKRP in Cincinatti were true, you bet they were and I dealt with it. However, I'm getting too old to bother with it anymore. Sometimes, I think the business doesn't want to bother with me anymore. So, I think it's best for both parties to walk away for this long affair.

I went in to South University here in Savannah on Wednesday to talk to an admissions director who explained to me what I would have to do to go there and wanted to know what classes I would have to take. I then talked to the school's disability counsellor who talked to at lenght at what's available for me classwise and that they would accomodate my needs going, letting me know that there shoulsd be scholorships and grants set up for folks like me. I was honestly a nervous wreck since everything I do now will change my life forever. The counsellor then asked me that if I wanted, would I like to start in January. I took a deep, long breath breath and said if I don't say yes now, I may never have the chance to say it again. I took the brass ring.

I was then set up for the CPT or College Placement Test for that Friday, which I took. For the record, not only did I pass the test, I CRUSHED IT. I put my foot thru the damn thing and walked away a college student and this has been the happiest I've been about anything in years.

So, what happens now? Well, on Monday I'll go back to the school to talk to financial aid about grants and whatnot and hopefully check into my major which will be Legal Studies. I 'll start off slow and go for a two year course for my Associates degree and if I do well, I'll fold that into another two years and get a Bachelor's. But whatever I do, I will have a future other than radio. It'll be hard to walk away from, but I hope that in the end, it'll be an easy walk.

As for you the reader, things are gonna be different from me just as a warning. My head will be held a bit higher now and I may become a bit prouder. After all, it's about time I got mine. All I ask from you is support and friendship. For those of you who've known me for years, keep doing what you do. For you newbies to the ol' Real Sam Johnson Show, respect me and I'll respect you. Because we're gonna ride the lightning in 2007. Oh yes...We're gonna ride.

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